Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beautiful pink peonies.

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. And now they are blooming in our garden! Definitely flowers has some power to change our mood - may be there is some scientific theory behind it (Val said in her Val's diary video that she found some explanation of it on line), but I was thinking about different power - power of the past.
When I was a child my grandparents (in Russia of course) had a garden, and my grandmother was growing lots of different sorts of plants - flowers, fruit trees and so on. Of course, peonies were there too - right near the entrance, and I couldn't get enough of them - looking and smelling like some kind of addict. So imaging how happy I was when a little bush in the corner of our garden turn out to be a peony (we are renting a house just for a few month, so we keep discovering things on the 4 acres property).
Anyway, here are photographs of these beautiful peonies which I took with macro- lenses, and the last photo is sort of abstract, it's was taken very close-up.

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