Sunday, June 7, 2009

Photographs from my travel to Alaska. Aurora Ice Museum, Fairbanks.

Aurora Ice Museum is located near Chena Hot Springs, not too far from Fairbanks, Alaska. I was there in early February. It was chili outside - about minus 30F, but inside a Museum where everything made of ice, was relatively warm - about 20F.
Museum features the work of award winning artist Steve Brice, who had to create all sculptures in a temperature below freezing! Brrr...
The beautiful colors are designed to replicate the aurora borealis. There are several exhibits - two knights, a huge chess set, a chapel alter that has been used for wedding ceremonies, the Coca-Cola polar bear and the beautiful hanging chandeliers. In the central part of the room is the real bar that is totally made of ice, even the bar stools (with a fur covering on the top though). Even Martini was served in an ice martini glass! And it was good too!
And in the back of the room there is a hotel with bedrooms and beds of ice with reindeer fur sleeping bags!

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