Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bright spring flower photo.

While walking in a park today, I took some closeup pictures of different things on a ground - it was fun just to aim on little pieces of moss, grass, flowers. Looking tonight on those photos, I found a nice flower, I am not sure what is the name of it. I played with it a little in photoshop changing a temperature, saturation of the photo to make it more bright and vibrant. I like to manipulate with temperature - it's easier to do it in RAW format. Most of the time I lower temperature until I am satisfied with effect. I can't say for sure how much - every photograph is different. Degree of saturation also depends on a personal taste and quality of the image. It's important to shoot with minimum ISO available on your camera, and working with photos in RAW format. Here the excelent article about it:

Here is the final flower picture I got. I think it would be a nice note card for any occasion, or a print on the wall.