Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lava flow, Central Oregon.

In a middle of this August we went on a trip through Cascades in Central Oregon. It included Lava Flow around McKenzie Pass, few camping stops near lakes in Deschutes National Forest, just south from Bend, Oregon, and beautiful Crater lake. Our trip to lava flow we started at Dee Wright Observatory which was built during Great Depression by a Civilian Conservation Corps crew at Camp Belknap with lava stone found at the construction site:

It seems like thousand volcanoes were erupting here constantly for the last 2 million years, creating this Moonlike landscape:


Mount Washington, greatly eroded by glaciers:

View of former (scientists saying they can erupt again in near future) volcanoes Three Sisters from the highway:

Island in the sea of lava, that's how it looked like in time of volcanoes eruption:

And that's how it looks like today:

I will continue photo-story about our trip in the next posts.

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