Friday, March 1, 2013

Cool spider web photos and a new painting.

Very often walking in our Pacific Northwest woods, I see lots of spider webs, shining like jewelry on the sun.  One sunny autumn day I took the time to make a lot of photos

Beautiful diffraction on web's strings:

Interesting abstract in black and white:

And here my new painting - Still life with apples. This one painted itself almost entirely from my imagination.

Size 16x16 inches (41x41 cm) 
Painted in acrylic on a canvas mounted on masonite board.

Please visit my website for purchase information.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter in North Cascades

Winter here in North Cascades did not to start to be really cold and snowy yet, but it enough snow already on Mt.Baker ski area, and could be pretty stormy at times. Just look at those dramatic clouds:

On the "End of the World" day we had lots of snow and I had fun photographing it. It was all so grey and dark (remember, it was the shortest day - solstice)that I photoshoped some sun into the sky:

(snowflakes look dark on the lighter sky).

Some resourceful animals didn't stop in front of obvious obstacles, but we don't mind, we can feed a squirrel or two:

Anyway, year 2013 is started and one of the my resolution is to post more regularly.
And I wish Happy New Year to everybody who look in my blog!