Sunday, October 7, 2018

Whatcom artist studio tour 2018

For two weekends in October - 6,7th and 13 and 14th there is a Whatcom artist studio tour going on in the town of Bellingham and area around.
My husband and I visited a few artists on first weekend of the tour.
On Saturday, October 6 in our itinerary was Richard Bulman, really versatile artist working in variety of mediums including painting in oil and acrylic, drawing, making really original jewelry and hand engraved and painted stone. Reluctantly I have to limit myself showing only a couple of his artwork, but you can see more on his website Bulman Fine Art, his house and Whatcom Art Market

Egyptian Cat relief
acrylic on engraved stone

Oil painting - Masks of Chaas

Next we visited Terry Brooks - artist, friend and a teacher who paints Bellingham in a somewhat funny way. 

This will happen in a year 2100 after global warming will melt ice and flood streets of Bellingham.  :)