Sunday, September 20, 2015

Grecian Shoemaker Butterfly painting.

One more tropical butterfly I saw in Butterfly Garden in Seattle, it's called Grecian Shoemaker. It's just was impossible not to paint it with it's bright orange spots sitting on the same color saucer so it almost looked like it has big holes in it's wings.

And since to my husband it reminded Batman he called it Dark Butter-Knight.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fish from the Deep or Fingerpainting is not only for kids.

Finger-painting the west is accepted as an art medium usually used by adults to teach art to children. It has a different meaning in China, however. It is a centuries-old Chinese technique of painting with the fingertips, hands and fingernails.
Chinese artist Zhou Xueyu has been painting with his fingers since 1961 and has made a name for himself in the art world. “Finger painting achieves effects different from those from using paintbrushes. The intermittent lines typical to this technique often yield a kind of hazy touch and the tone of the whole picture can be quite unexpected,” he said.
My discovery of painting with finger came when I was washing my metal palette tray of acrylic paint and enjoying making all sorts of images, mostly abstract. Then it occurred to me that I can do this on other surfaces - paper, canvas etc.  
Painting with fingers and hands feels different from painting with brushes - feels more intimate, you become one with a painting.
Doing research I found that there are even different techniques  - this is extract from the site

Thumb and Fingerprints
 The technique of thumb printing helps in making a variety of designs. Shapes of animals and insects are created with thumb impressions. The shapes of feathers and other body features of animals can be made with fingerprints.

Etching Technique
 The etching technique of finger painting isn't actually about painting a surface. Instead, the paint is removed with fingertips for making designs; the paint is etched out only when it is wet.
  (or you can usu nails - Y.K)

Wiggles and Waves
 The waves and wiggles are easiest patterns that one can create by means of finger painting techniques. Thumb and fingerprints are used to make these designs.

Dot Painting
 It is one of the commonly used technique in finger painting. Different shapes and patterns can be created only out of dots. Dot painting is not only a common, but also an easy to use technique. Outline of paintings made by the dot method is not very sharp and intricate designs cannot be created; however, the basic shapes and patterns suitable for children can be easily made with dot painting.

 Creating Mirror Images
 Symmetrical patterns/designs can be created by folding paper into two halves. The designs made on one half get imprinted on the other by folding.
(or another idea - just with use of both hands and doing it simultaneously - Y.K)

Palm and Finger
 It is a simple technique used in making a painting of earth. Fingers of the hand should be painted with different colors. Palm should be smeared with a mixture of green and blue colors. In this finger painting technique, the hand should be stamped on paper. Stamping need to be done several times by moving the palm in a circular manner. The final picture/painting is that of a blue-green colored earth with a variety of colors surrounding it. 

Interesting.  I will try some of that.

For today, I have a fantasy Fish painting, named From the Deep

Monday, August 31, 2015

Daily paintings. Colorful Butterflies.

After a "short" (in terms of eternity) time I am continuing my art blog.

My new painting routine is to produce small daily paintings. I often paint several at a time--like a warm up exercise--then give attention to those I like the most.

Also I am moving on to more non-traditional techniques, like painting with fingers, which  include scratching with fingernails, scraping with a palette knife, and/or using a new medium I recently discovered: water soluble crayons.  You can dip them in water and draw on canvas or paper; like watercolor pencils. 

After visiting the butterfly garden at the Seattle Center, I was inspired to paint butterflies.  I never had painted them before... I don't know why.  I love butterflies! And dragonflies!!!... By the way. (Mental note to myself - will paint them someday).

 I didn't try to do any particular kind of butterfly, although I used some photos taken in the garden for reference.

Here is the first group----


Butterfly Blues


                                                    Few more - smaller sizes 6x6 inches:

  Well Red Butterfly:

Happy Landing:

Eye On Yew:


Butter Sky-Diving:

I would be delighted to know what do you think about my new way of painting.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cool spider web photos and a new painting.

Very often walking in our Pacific Northwest woods, I see lots of spider webs, shining like jewelry on the sun.  One sunny autumn day I took the time to make a lot of photos

Beautiful diffraction on web's strings:

Interesting abstract in black and white:

And here my new painting - Still life with apples. This one painted itself almost entirely from my imagination.

Size 16x16 inches (41x41 cm) 
Painted in acrylic on a canvas mounted on masonite board.

Please visit my website for purchase information.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter in North Cascades

Winter here in North Cascades did not to start to be really cold and snowy yet, but it enough snow already on Mt.Baker ski area, and could be pretty stormy at times. Just look at those dramatic clouds:

On the "End of the World" day we had lots of snow and I had fun photographing it. It was all so grey and dark (remember, it was the shortest day - solstice)that I photoshoped some sun into the sky:

(snowflakes look dark on the lighter sky).

Some resourceful animals didn't stop in front of obvious obstacles, but we don't mind, we can feed a squirrel or two:

Anyway, year 2013 is started and one of the my resolution is to post more regularly.
And I wish Happy New Year to everybody who look in my blog!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn in high country. Mt.Baker, Northwest WA.

Last Sunday it was beautiful warm sunny day, great for hiking in mountains. Views were amazing.

Bright colors of wild blueberry bushes:

And here are blueberries themself, covering ground like a thick carpet. Fortunate for us there was no bears around so all blueberries were just for us alone.:

Interesting "ghost" cloud around one of the Mt.Shuksun's peak:

More interesting clouds:

Mt.Baker itself apparently was not having a good time, as you see it has a pretty dramatic cloud with lots of wind on the top:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Painting. Beach Family.

Family of New Zealand Oystercatchers on a beach. 7x11 inches
I took photo of these two nervous cute birds while traveling in New Zealand.
This painting is submitted for DPW "Birdbrain" challenge. Painted with acrylic on canvas glued on masonite board. This is my 4th challenge painting.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Painting. New Zealand seagull.

New Zealand seagull, acrylic on canvas board, 10x10 inches.  
This is another painting created for Daily Paintworks challenge "Birdbrain". I photographed this bird in New Zealand on South Island, in the marina of the small town near Christchurch.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Lava flow images.

More photographs from our trip to Oregon lava flow.

All photos are available for purchase! Just send me a message!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Painting. Happy light bulb.

 Happy light bulb, acrylic on canvas 7.5x9.5 in

This is my entry for Daily Paintworks challenge. It was fun and hard to capture lots of reflection on the light bulb. I tried to make it more happy and colorful. Painting is done with acrylic on canvas glued to masonite board and finished in protective polymer varnish.